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To all who responded so generously to the Seven Sacrifices in Seven Days appeal we want to say a heartfelt thank you.

Your help will make a huge difference in helping lift people out of poverty in India, Kenya, Pakistan and Uganda.

If you missed an the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation just click on the donation button below.

Donations to Bright Futures are Tax Deductible.


Bright Futures Child Aid & Development Fund Australia is an Australian based Christian aid and development agency working to provide education and development opportunities for children and communities in poverty. Bright Futures currently operates in four countries, India, Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda.

Bright Futures works with its overseas development partners in providing a wide range of programs relevant to local needs. These programs include schooling, health clinics, clean water projects, vocational training, self-help groups and much more.

At just $42 per month (tax deductible), a Bright Futures Sponsorship operates within a comprehensive development program that brings help, hope and opportunity for a child and their entire community. Bright Futures child sponsorship relates to projects in both India and Pakistan, with the projects in Uganda and Kenya being funded by direct donations. Apply here to become a sponsor today and make a difference.