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In Uganda, Bright Futures partners with the Bishop Onono-Onweng Foundation to support a community group with over 300 members to drive their own development in a rural village of Lukodi. Lukodi was the sight of a devastating massacre during the war in Northern Uganda and this community group is committed to rebuilding their community. Bright Futures is a part of  lasting change in the area through the following activities:

  • Economic development through trade activity and savings groups;
  • Improving access to health care;
  • Early childhood education;
  • Secondary school scholarships for girls;
  • Agricultural development and new farming technologies; and
  • Community sanitation and toilets.

A recent visit by Development Program Manager David Woodroofe, has highlighted areas of future development, and allowed much discussion between he and the local community leaders. Educational fees is a concern for many families struggling after the war, along with easy access to medical facilities. Storage of seed is still an area that needs development, and the highlight of the trip was the presentation of a bus for local transport and business development. Money for the bus was kindly donated by a Bright Futures donor, and a great afternoon of celebration ensued, culminating in rides around the district for all concerned.